Saturday, July 07, 2007

joke or not a joke?

This is cracking me up this morning so i had to post on it. This person added me as a friend in flickr - I can't tell if this is someone doing satire or some devout but misguided person who thinks that filling their flickr profile with long, convoluted, biblical diatribes is an effective marketing strategy. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for people using the internet to try to persuade each other of their opinions be they religious, political or otherwise, and this is at least a new one on me as far as technique. The internet should be the ultimate fulfillment of the concept of the free marketplace of ideas, and being an agnostic, ex-Presbyterian, (not to mention the son, and grandson of christian ministers) myself i've even read some of the bible verses she's quoting. I just think that to unbelievers just showing them a poster with some (to them) random bible citations over a picture of the J-man's mug is um... not going to do much. What do you think?