Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cake, Artworld. Artworld, Cake

That was really fun. Again we bring the worlds together. I wasn't sure what would happen- turns out the suit (and cakes excellent fursuiting performance skills) are no match for the A'dam art fair. I'd really like to find what would happen if a whole bunch of furries came to the fair. I'd like to teach a course in contemporary art appreciation or something. I may have said this in other places but I'm really interested in when the same event can be seen as partaking of several categories of human activity at the same time. For example from a fursuiter perspective what happened yesterday was nothing more than some fairly normal fursuiting in an alien environment. Some of the people at the art fair might have read what cake was doing as performance, or as a blatant publicity stunt-- and no body would be wrong-- what was missing in this was the kind of mutual awareness that happened at the fursuit portrait paint off. Here i'm not sure people at the art people realized that to Cake this might not have been so different from something he might do on the main shopping street at his town on another day-- or at a Furry Con... of the Eiffel tower.
More Pictures Here We may try to put up a little pedistal with my computer on it set to play Rapid T. Rabbit's video of me painting him just to give that painting of Cake a little better context for the artworld crowd for the rest of the fair. I was just putting this more into words recently: see these mixing events as an extension of what happens in the studio -- taking that environment out into the world...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Art Amsterdam

I'm at the amsterdam art fair-- and with any luck we'll get a visit from Cake today! Its going to be interesting to see if Cake turns the Art Fair into disneyland or the art fair turns cake into conceptual art. I'm rooting for the former. More Pictures Here