Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sasha and Cake at Art Amsterdam

I've been meaning to blog about this too for a long time-- on the last day of ART AMSTERDAM we had a visit from both Sasha and Cake - together they turned the art fair into disneyland. IT was amazing these guys fur suit performance was really great- anyone that doesn't understand how much work goes into what they do in the suits really doesn't get it... it was awesome.

the last night at bravo!

I've been meaning to post about this forever- I took pictures on the last night of BRAVO First there was a performance by live musicians in response to some silent films, and then there was this crazy dude with a long beard making amazing music using some video game joysticks hooked up to a multitrack mixer board of some kind.... it was impressive. As always the food was excellent and the crowd was wierd. This space was truely remarkable - consistantly on the edge. It sounds corny but i really am kind of at a loss for words to talk about the connection that i felt with the people i knew in katendrecht and the little scene there that now is at an end.... olivier maarschalk is moving to berlin to set up some kind of similar venue there i'll post about it when it comes online....