Monday, October 25, 2004

Chasing Utopia

who is paying the most for listing in google adwords for the term "commune"-- these guys.

But seriously:

See Amy's thoughtful post below about living the good life, and how to accomplish this in the world as it is now. I feel many of the same things. I'm very aware all the time that even though i'm barely making it, barely paying my rent, etc. I'm barely making it in the most expensive city in America, doing a job which most of the people i left behind in Topeka would feel lucky to have-- heck most of the people next to me in the laundromat would feel lucky to have my job, if not my student loans (how will i ever pay them?). I want to live well, and i want my living well to not mean that other people are being oppressed. Is that possible?

Is this an interesting question?

I'm thinking of moving to denmark. Anyone with me?


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