Friday, October 22, 2004

Could AP rig the election?

I'm not sure if this is exactly the kind of story I love (because it really tries to get to the heart of the matter, asking some pretty big questions about who controls the reigns of power in this country) or hate (because it may just seed undo panic among the already paranoid and bitter). Either way, it's worth checking out the press release linked above.

If that's not actually fun to do and you happen to be one of the few undecided voters in this country, might I recommend taking the Political Stereotype Test?

I scored:
Anarcho-Syndicalist - You believe that governments and corporations are both equally evil. You think that all people should have maximum personal freedom. You think everyone should have control over their economic production, because the economy should be structured completely in terms of cooperatives and communes. Your historical role model is Noam Chomsky.

Ok, that's not strictly true, but it makes me feel really warm and cozy inside.


At 9:58 AM, Blogger earlyadopter said...

Eugene Debs-- apparently i'm a socialist-- actually that's not too far off-- I enjoy the efficiency of large-scale society, and i like the free market, so long as we can keep a lid on it and not let it get too cut-throat and evil---after all, the things that i'm best at are only of value to a society organized as a certain scale (teaching art, designing high-end websites, painting). On a little commune i would have to do too many boring things that i'm bad at, i'd rather make more money and pay someone to do those things for me, i think.... not that i really know from experience... i just want my big government as a counter-weight to big corporations, come to think of it maybe i should just move to denmark or something, anybody want to come with me?


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