Monday, October 25, 2004

Seeing is believing

One interesting thing that i've noticed today: On the Daily Kos people have been posting images of Kerry talking to large crowds for each other to SEE, which i have to say made me happy. To indulge in some of my tendencies to be overly biologically determanistic in my thinking, let me suggest that we are visual creatures, men maybe more so than women, but compared to say, most other mamals.... we're very, very visual....

Also-- we're social creatures-- even liberals like me who grew up on the idea of "not following the crowd" -- we can't help but enjoy feeling like we're not alone, its that whole "strength in numbers" thing- which is not something you learn from experience, its something you feel in your guts because its an instinct born of generations of humans who had to depend on each other to survive, mostly, in my opinion in the face of competition against other humans. (this is a whole pet theory i can go into later about how the rest of the natural world quit having a big impact on our development as a species early on, and humankind drove its own evolution for much of our history)---

SO-- we post pictures of crowds that we long to see... we're not alone... we're winning.... etc. happy thoughts....


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