Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Interesting thoughts on Stewart on Crossfire

Link above is a link to the most interesting thoughts on this i've seen so far

John Stewart of the Daily Show on Comedy Central went on CNN's crossfire and told them (while still being pretty funny, i thought) that they were "partisan hacks" who were "part of the strategy" of the major parties and that doing so when they could be putting on real debate was "hurting america". I didn't see it live but thanks to the internet I was able to see it later, turns out i was not alone.

Just as an obscure L.A. Cable access show can have its 15 min. in the national spotlight, anything that is on TV can be given new life on the internet. People can follow whatever is of interest to them from one media to another and (potentially) back again, and money and therefore the spotlight will follow the eyeballs. I wouldn't be surprised if this story got picked up on some other shows-- watch for stewart to be invited on other programs, and other networks to start mentioning this once they see how many people are interested.


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