Saturday, February 18, 2006

At first this sounded like a good thing...

I mean, honestly - what could be so wrong with teaching US soldiers Iraqi Arabic, including hand gestures and other cultural tics that might actually help them to communicate? Sure, the idea of learning all you need to know from an 80 hour video tape seemed creepy, but I also understand the practicalities of this sort of thing.

And then I read this quote, from their website (linked above). Fucking beautiful. Yeah, I mean - God forbid you should force people going into a foreign country to actually have to spend time learning about that country:

"Oh, it's wonderful. I see great future for it. We need to teach soldiers enough Arabic to, say, find where the weapons are. These guys aren't going to sit in class learning Arabic. This is a computer game, and all soldiers like computer games." -- Sgt. Amy Perkins, Arabic linguist, 3rd Army Cavalry Regiment, United States Army

Ok, now it's officially creepy. Oh, and what I wouldn't get to add those three simple words "of mass destruction" to the above...


At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But, there was far more to the training regimen- and seems to have been more effective.


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