Friday, February 17, 2006

My Space

This is not a real post, i don't have time right now- its just a 'me too' - this article Why MySpace Scares The Crap Out of Me I was there when (here?) when friendster swept across my social circle and everyone was obsessed with it for about 2 months- and then it was over- Myspace is way uglier even than the very ugly friendster -- which i realize doesn't matter to most people- but what makes it better than friendster? anything? why does it keep getting bigger, while friendster was a fad that is now over?


At 5:13 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Ok, here's why it scares me: Because it looks like you're going through the motions of being friends with someone, without actually caring about them. It's like you get all the shiny, full-color photos of everyone hanging out and being happy, the shout-outs to how cool you are, and in the end? Nothing - as in an abyss, like a blackhole of nothingness, because it's all bullshit. It reminds me of people who buy "books by the foot" - ie, books to sit on their shelves to match their decor, but not actually to be read. Only, um, we're talking about people, not books.

Friendster always turned my stomach; when I recently posted the kitsch panel PR on there (thinking, what the fuck), it made me feel completely dirty afterwards. I'm pulling my Friendster profile the second the panel's over. I don't know how I ever allowed myself to be talked into joining that damn thing. Just like with the virtual friendship thing, it *seemed* fun, without actually being fun. Ugh.


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