Friday, June 16, 2006


On wed. Rapid T. Rabbit came to my studio to sit for his portrait. (or would that be a Furtrait?) He's coming back next week so i can work on it some more. It was the most fun i've had in years. I decided to come and check out the east-coast largest fur convention, Anthrocon which is in its 10th year of existance.

I'm offering to draw people's plush toys and to do charcoal fursuit portraits but have had no takers yet. I'm totally the wrong style, but i've had a few people come by and enjoy what i'm doing because it doesn't fit in. Illustration and annimation style art rules Anthrocon. There are several who are really great, and many more who are very enthusiastic. All day people were coming by and asking the artists next to me to do pictures of them - but they meant thier other selves. "draw me, i am a red rox with wolf ears and wings"... or what have you.

One thing that surprised me: How young everyone is! There's a really large number of 17-25 year old Furries. Does this mean that its a growing phenomenon? Are these people still going to be doing it when they are 35 or will they grow up into humans? It really is a beautiful convention to see. Some of the characters are absolutely amazing. The flash on my camera is broken or i'd have more pictures.


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