Thursday, June 15, 2006

I guess if you look long enough...

I'm trying so hard not to give up on Second Life. I have a whole wonderful post swirling in my head about therapy and the strange alternate universe you drift into when you're there... but I haven't beaten the SL horse to death yet. And so:

I have found two things I consider interesting.

The first is linked above and is mostly for Jay because I thought he might be interested because of his new painting series.

The second is... well, it's this. Followed by a proposal. But first this:

Adoption Agency

Welcome to The Adoption Agency. Do u like to costume your avatar as a kid all the time? or Are you married and want to build your own family? Here is your solution! We are looking for kids and adoptive parents who want to form a family together. The kid can selects the adoptive parents or the adoptive parents can select the kids.

The Adoption Agency's vendors contain people who want to be adopted just like you. Choose a kid or if u are a kid choose yours new parents in the vendor and pay only L$50.The Adoption Agency vendor will provide you with the name and personal profile of your selection. The next step is contact that person and have a family together.

The Adoption Agency can not guarantee that the person will form a family with you after meet you or even respond to your Instant Messages, but our clients have shown an interest in be adopted and have willing provided their personal profile and photograph. All Clients remain in the vendors until they request to be removed.

Right. So the deal is, on SL you can officially adopt some 40-year-old who likes to pretend he's seven.

Ok, they got me there: That, I'm prepared to say, is at least interesting.

And so my proposal:

Jay, marry me. In SL. Let's team up, make it official, pool our measly Linden dollars, lease a trailer somewhere, and adopt a grown man from Idaho who wants to pretend he's a baby. I'm so serious. I really want to do this.

C'mon, at least as an exercise in harm reduction, you should consider it. Now that the idea has crawled its way into my brain and laid about a million eggs (no idea where that came from, but whatever) it's only a matter of time that I will do this with someone. And if I do this with you, chances are I'll feel too guilty to abandon you with the kid and the trailer the first time I get slightly bored with it all.

I suppose the first thing we have to investigate is whether or not there's a Division of Youth and Family Services in SL, and there probably is. And I'm probably headed to SL prison. But I'll take all the blame, Jay. You have it in writing. It was my sick idea.

Anyway. Lemme know if you're in.


At 6:06 PM, Blogger earlyadopter said...

You're on! and yes it is a really warped idea. WOW. Do we have to take care of the kid till its 18? Can we make it a double-wide trailer (always been partial to them kind) Holy Shit.

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Double-wide = yes indeedy. I will start shopping around tonight.

I say we get a whole brood. And I don't see why we're stuck with the kid til he/she/they're 18 - what are they going to do to us if we run away and abandon it?

Damn it Jay, let's get cracking. Let's start ruining some Second Lives already. Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh.


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