Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sometimes the easiest way to a man's heart is through his blog.

Jay: SVA has this website that they're trying to get artist's projects to run on. And I thought of you. And I thought of me. And, specifically, I thought maybe we could do something together - like maybe I could interview you and we could link it to that project you did at MICA or maybe the criticality website or something. Or maybe something totally different. I dunno. But you seemed like the guy to ask. So, hey hey Jay, whattaya say? And I sent you an email to this effect but I got tired of waiting for a response so I decided to post it here for God and all His children to see. And I thought maybe this could be another layer to the whole thing - you know, making the making of the piece totally transparent, whatever the hell we're making. Or maybe not. I'll shut up now. love always, Amy


At 4:48 PM, Blogger earlyadopter said...

Yes, absolutely, i'm all over it. On the MICA project i need to get approval to go public with it, but i think i can get that worked out in a matter of days. Sorry for not responding, my former employer called me back in as a freelancer for some emergency work that just wiped two days (and one night) off my map -- (the beauty thing is that now that I'm hourly, i can bill them for small fortune!) - but i'm catching up today including writing back to emails- yours was on my list- and checking my blog--- and there was your post- not a bad idea to make it transparent-- why share our thoughs only with each other and the NSA, when we can share them with everyone!

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Sorry Jay - I was checking this religiously for a few days after I posted it and then I fell off.. yep, I'm so into it... I'll email ya and we'll figure out a day/time. I think it's a great opportunity.


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