Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Two things

Two things I'm excited about right now: 1) this guy talking about using technology and what constitutes "craft" - what is hard to do in the digital world, and how does anyone know its hard- this is pretty interesting to me because I've been thinking about how much the question of how hard something is plays into my evaluation of it in painting-- I like paintings that I know were hard to have done- so how am i any different from those idiots that sit there and look at the rothko that i love and say "my kid could do that" - I just have a different (i'd say more informed) idea of what is actually hard to do.

2) this book small pieces loosely joined is really, really good. It's not even about the internet so much as it is about what the internet is revealing about human nature and the human condition. It put into words things that i'd felt very powerfully in my gut but had not managed to explain to myself yet.


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