Saturday, November 20, 2004

sharing time

one of my recent paintings, just thought i'd share- its this stuffed-annimal pig--

these are by far the dumbest paintings i've ever made they really have no theory or anything clever to them at all, and i really like that about them-they're just the stuffed animal and me loving paint, and hoping that the painting can surprise me which it does sometimes-- this one is really wierdly in-between a lot of things.. actually i'm just going to stop right there i don't like the way it sounds when i try to describe these so i'm just going to shut up. here's a pig.

One thing i can natter on about a bit is how i just love paint, as a medium and its special to me, and there's really not intelectually justifible reason why that should be just like there's no reason why anyone loves their stuffed animal, you just do, you know its stupid but you can't honestly say you don't care about it and its not special above all other stuffed animals-- actually we're the same way about people-- i think of this fleetingly when i go to find my grandmother, or before she died, my great aunt in the old-folks home- i'm on a mission to find MY old person-- i ignore countless other people's old people many of whom might enjoy my visit, or might need company, but i don't care (much) about them-- i just want to find mine- the one i love-- there's something illogical about that, but its so strong and so common to all humans that we don't even think twice about it, of course your going to be nicer to your family than to some stranger--its just considered normal-- when you extend it out to pets or even further to stuffed animals, the ridiculousness becomes apparent because the feelings aren't anywhere near as strong, so you can laugh at yourself a little bit. That attachment is ireducible, i think-- its just YOUR stuffed animal, and you can laugh about it, but its the feeling is still there and you can't talk yourself out of it..... i bet i'm not the only one. Any way maybe its like that with mediums, paint or clarinets or mud or rubics cubes and your medium is your medium is your medium... Actually though i know a lot of people have no such attachments--- i think...


At 11:32 PM, Anonymous mj said...

Love the painting. Interesting about "your old person." I think this is what most of us do, and perhaps is the difference between a saint and the rest of us. The closer one gets to sainthood, perhaps, the more that line blurs, until the really saintly person really does love anyone/everyone. Remember Mother Theresa saying, apparently with simple honesty, that in caring for the sick people from the streets of Calcutta, she was carrying for the Christ?


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