Saturday, November 06, 2004

Let's all have fun with the Democratic Party

Yes, I know: Bush stole the election. I'll get to posting some stuff about that in a little bit (look, my work schedule right now SUCKS, but bear with me and I'll get right on this), but first...

Regardless of any funny business at the polls, the Democrats also have their share of the blame. With all the shit going on in the world, there's no way the election should have been so close. Simply put: I donated more money during this campaign than I ever have before, and right around now I'm feeling really bitter and that I'd like my $75 back.

And so, in the height of my bitterness, I received just now a lovely email from that evil succubus Terry McAuliffe, asking my opinion on the election and to "help determine the Democratic Party's next steps." Oh, I filled out your form, Mr. McAuliffe, and boy did you ever hear from me.

And so, let us all fill out the above posted questionnaire. Let's let them know that perhaps it might be nice to hire a guy who knows a thing or two about strategy, rather than just fundraising, which is McAuliffe's specialty. Although I was simply too blinded by rage to do so, you might also want to pipe in that it would be nice if the Democratic Party didn't tilt wildly to the right in '08 and that maybe - just maybe - the working class should be occasionally thrown a bone.

All of that would be a lot more helpful and productive than my comments, which were terse and nasty, but kind of fun to write.


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