Thursday, October 07, 2004

condensed list

ALL RIGHT-- my plan now is to break up that talk into several articles. In the meantime here is a list of links for you.

Personal Story Links:
Ad Reinhardt
Bellwether Bellwether used to look like this: archive
Bailey Gallery
On The Media
Sockit Projects
Twyla Tharp
Ej Associates

"fine art" in digital media or on the web:

Mario Bro's Clouds only
Trebor Scholz artist appearing at-
Spectropolis event in New York
a is for apple
like something else
L. Anderson's Here
Jannet Cardiff's Black Pool
eyes of laura
the other eyes of laura
Really cool artist works with computer vs. real space Craig Kalpakjian
the wifi interactive thing
MultiMedia Narrative through fictional world /
24 dollar island
mary flanigan educator programmer art as education

Indicies of Web based art and ART-BLOGS
another index of web based art
For way more go to Museum of the moving images digital art project
Whitney's digital art site--
single cell
Julian Bleeker

Theory and Citicism on Web and "new media"
Lev ManovichWeb Art Therorist
Great Book on this topic highly recommended, very dense, and only of interests to freaks who love to think about this stuff like me.
Rosalind Krauss coins term "the post-medium condition"
only page in google containing the phrase "post-medium condition" but its a good one.
scholarly article on social network theory and blogging )-
on searching and cyborglogging successful community:
a good history of weblogs
Ofilli's Elephant-dung paintings in Brooklyn show controversy

NON-ART (OR are they?) things that i talked about:

NY-times electoral college predictor
Map of the Markets
place matters
Some very dumb people (and some smart people) discussing 9-11 as art
murmur-- like yellow arrow
urban tapestries
mr. Beller's neighborhood
annotate space
Story CorPs- this is SUper-cool IMHO-- check it out! art community
switch collaborative curating
Institute for distributed creativity

art blog called coin-op

blog of MTAA

we make money not art
institute for multi-media literacy
art and science collaborating

Flash Mob pinkslip protest video pink slip photos
hacktivists: if you don't know about this you should. (...errr, i mean, i think its really interesting)
all your base:
Mahir Cagri
Mahir the celebrity
Salon article on Mahir
online memorials random victim of 9/11
monkey protocol suite
Does anyone else think this is funny or am i just the biggest dork in the world?
this guy is the same age as me Teaches Blogs


At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another interesting essay that references "education of the un-artist" by Alan Kaprow article


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