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Reading From Alan Kaprow's 1971 The Education of the Un-Artist part 1 #1
Also in 1971:


Ad Reinhardt


What to do with a medium after it is obsolete?

Mario Bro's Clouds only

#2 and #3 from Kaprow

After Grad School.....

Bellwether archive
Bailey Gallery
On The Media
Sockit Projects
Twyla Tharp
Ej Associates

Who could afford to pay me enough to do the job as well as i could? What would be involved in that?
1) better clothes 2)Tersiary Brand Identity
note-the other multex
More people-artitst, curators, collectoros, saw bellwether have seen my paintings. More people generally have seen my Botox ad than will ever see my paintings even if i'm very successful.
Everything you do or don't do has political consequences
Trebor Scholz appearing at-
"most art work is reactionary because it is built on the system as-is and the system as-is corupt, oppressive, etc."
Thank you Trebor, and you pay for your projects how, exactly? And those grants come from where? And you need that money more than who?
It's not even that its all relative- of course it is, but who should cast the first stone? I'm not about to. That's why this talk is so firmly based in the personal- its up to each person to decide what they can live with. I used to think that art was this great and Nobel thing, but now i just think its what i happen to be a freak for.
Anytime someone is being as fully and completely alive as they can be, it sings, it calls out to others-- could be true for a plumber, i would guess....
My Caravaggio Justification
What is the artworld but just one more little comunity of wierdos who care passionately about an aspect of the world that everyone else finds mildly interesting at best and couldn't care less about at worst?

Kaprow #4
Inter-medial or Post Medial -- Multi-Contextural-
"The Image"-- Manovich Points out is disolved- into a stream-- just like it is inside our brains, actually--

Web Art Therorist Lev Manovich

the web makes context super-fluid-
Rossalind Krauss "the post-medium condition"

Sept.11th--and the 2nd Gulf war--
many, many contexts-- many results-- all of them bad -- overwhelming impact was bad because of the context of 250 million americans vs. 8 million NYers vs. 6 billion non americans -- same for gulf war--for -- Contrast with the Ofilli's Elephant-dung paintings in Brooklyn show contraversy

Some very dumb people (and some smart people) discussing 9-11 as art

Post-Medium Post-Context Condition means you're allways speaking to everyone (or might be) and the body is increasingly forgrounded

Examples of some things i find interesting:

Flash intimate narrative
a is for apple
like something else

I have yet to find a web-project that is an engaging as the most engaging non-art things on the web....

Fine artists on the web
L. Anderson's Here
Jannet Cardiff's Black Pool
eyes of laura
the other eyes of laura

Really cool artist works with computer vs. real space Craig Kalpakjian another index of web based art

Artist's using the web or using digital media

For way more go to Museum of the moving images digital art project

Whitney's digital art site--

single cell

the wifi interactive thing

MultiMedia Narrative through fictional world /

System - Information - Organization

but really i spent more time on friendster when it first came out, or on
NY-times electoral college predictor
or on Map of the Markets

Video Games as art-- the possibilities are limmitless-- Entertainment seeks to give people what they can't get from real life-
danger- lack of consequences - etc.

Fine-Art / real World - Web Interaction

24 dollar island
place matters
murmur-- like yellow arrow
urban tapestries

urban text
memory maps
mr. Beller's neighborhood
annotate space
Story CorPs

Julian Bleeker
30 available-- preciousness--to chalenge infinite reproduceablity
wi-fi bedouin
sit in a wi-fi he hot spot and not let people connect to internet
all these things are weirdly limited to make sure they're art.

One way out: artist as educator:
mary flanigan educator programmer art as education

If you want to get lots and lots of people involved with whatever you're doing-- you start facing the same problems that marketers face-- start-up costs, marketing costs, and the solutions start to all be the same for either commerce, politics or art- guerrilla marketing is the same as conceptual art, maybe? Could be-- what is different ? The ends?

Real-world- web interactions of a Political, Commercial, Psuedo-Comercial or Faux-Commercial Nature

cigarette parade>>happenings >> Flash Mob>> developing a techinque

what can we use it for?
pinkslip protest video pink slip photos

at&t's friend locator
loveGety- meet compatible people

Dean's Democracy Project

What is a Hoax? An In-Joke-- something that some people Know to be false that someone else thinks is true- few Vs. Many Bonzi Kittens

Fine Art Web-Real world interaction

Wouldn't Google's headquaters display be even better?

side note: Data Table sorted a particular way and then Litterally Etched in Stone
Maya Lin's Vietnam war memorial--Best public art in the 20th century IMHO

Web Fads
all your base:
Mahir Cagri

Mahir the celebrity
Salon article on Mahir

Kaprow #5

online memorials random victim of 9/11
monkey protocol suite

this guy is the same age as me Teaches Blogs
a little too random, right? I cease to be of interest to you, you're gone.

Art Blogs and Art Comunities
It turns out that online art comunities have all the same problems of every other kind of online comunity and they succeed or fail because of the same reasons, pretty much... most of them fail. Success= effective filtering>> social theory cybernetics are interesting and can give us vocabulary to discuss these things in great detail meanwhile (schollarly article on social network theory and blogging )-- Amazon, eBay and Blogs have figured it out and are busy making millions and/ or changing the behavior of millions of people.
on searching and cyborglogging sucessful comunity:

a good history of weblogs atrios dailykos
switch colaborative curating
Institute for distributed creativity

art blog called coin-op

blog of MTAA

we make money not art
institute for multi-media litteracy
art and science collaborating

The 'rathergate' killian memos and the impact of the blogs uppon the way the world saw this.
Is Carl Rove the most ingenious man since Marcel Duchamp? If so where can we get one of those?


At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jay, Has anyone from MICA kept in contact with you or initiated any dialog since your visit? I enjoyed Dinner and the talk. I also wanted to comment on the Simms Torture bit you posted and how you felt it disturbing...I agree with you, however, better virtually than in reality, right? I mean, if I were to harbor homicidal fantasies, It would be better to relieve myself thru a game instead of thru a real person. That's common sence. But for some, the game might just be the roadblock at edge of the cliff. And I enjoyed the clown painting and it's use as an apparatus for pain. Ever Seen 'Killer Klowns From Outer Space'? haha


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